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Grow your wellness

practice, online.

Get the tools and support you need to manage and grow your practice both on and offline, so you can focus on delivering great care.


Everything you need to run your practice

Broaden exposure with a personal profile on Chara's exclusive provider directory

Increase high-quality client referrals with Chara's Client Matching team

Tools include: Payments, scheduling, chat, analytics

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Provider Testimonial

"I love being a part of a community of like-minded healthcare providers, with the goal of providing more accessible care. Chara for sure has increased the visibility of my services."

Kaeleigh T.

Doula & Herbalist in Brooklyn, NY

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Chara will always have a free version. If you want to reach more clients and have better tools, you can explore Chara Plus here.

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